Versatile Chicken

 Chicken Products

Only the finest quality ingredients are used in the our products. 


  • Halaal - these products are all Halaal
  • Allergens - products may contain traces of nuts and dairy products
RC001 60 Chicken Satay (40g)
RC002 2 x 30 Cocktail Chicken Kebabs (50g)
RC003 70 Cocktail Chicken Cordon Bleu (35g)
RC004 60 Chicken Sausage Rolls (35g)
RC005 60 Chicken Wellington (30g)
RC006 50 Cocktail Chicken Pies (25g)
RC007 60 Cocktail Chicken Mushroom Pancakes (45g)
RC008 60 Chicken Kofta (25g)
RC009 36 Large Chicken Wellington (160g)
RC010 45 Large Chicken Cordon Bleu (100g)
RC012 60 Chicken Samoosa (40g)
RC013 50 Chinese Chicken Wings (30-40g)
RC014 50 Chicken Pepperdew Diablo (25g)
RC015 20 Loaded Chicken Breast (220g)
RC016 50 Chicken Teriyaki Skewers (25g)
RC017 50 BBQ Buffalo Wings (30-40g)
RC018 1 Chicken Galantine (2Kg)
RC019 50 Korean Chicken Wings (30-40g)
RC020 50 Jamaican Chicken Wings (30-40g)
RC021 1 Pastry Shell Filling - Coronation Chicken (1,5Kg)
RC022 1 Pastry Shell Filling - Smoked Chicken (1,5Kg)
RC023 1 Pastry Shell Filling - Chicken Mayo (1,5Kg)